Some recruitment quotes…

Some recruitment quotes….

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recruitment terms checklist

Recruitment Services Checklist

In the market for recruitment services, speaking to recruitment agencies or recruitment consultancies about hiring permanent staff members?  Here is what you need to know.

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recruitment fees

How much do recruitment consultants charge?

How much do recruitment consultants charge?  All recruitment consultants have varying fee levels for what they do.  It really does depend on which agency you use and the services you require.  Here you can find out exactly what you should be paying.

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reduce hiring time

How long does it take to recruit new staff?

This isn’t so much of a difficult question but more a question of how long do you want it to take?  Some clients have set recruitment procedures, interview dates etc, others need employees more urgently.  Either way we can work to your timescales.

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candidate guarantee

How do you guarantee candidate success?

When hiring a new employee through a recruitment agency, you want a guarantee of performance.  It’s important that the employee can do what is required and really deliver.  Here is how we guarantee everyone we place.

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How does my recruiter attract candidates for my job vacancy?

Our recruiters attract candidates in many ways.  Using our experience, knowledge, tools and resources here is how we attract the best available candidates for your job vacancy. Read more