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5 Signs That Your Business Needs Professional Recruitment Advice

Always shied away from using recruitment agencies?  Don’t think recruitment is affordable or effective?  Here is the 5 signs that your business needs professional recruitment help.

Professional Recruitment Advice

Never used recruitment services before?  Think all recruiters are the same?  More importantly do you ‘diy’ recruit?  Here is 5 signs that if you recognise, you need professional advice.

staff turnover1.)  High staff turnover?  Do you churn through staff, constantly replacing candidates who move on to different roles with your competitors?

Whilst some of this could be due to natural wastage, lack of engaging activity for your employees to work on, it is a sign that your business is most likely hiring the wrong staff.  Putting the wrong staff into the wrong role is a huge waste of cash, both in resourcing terms and business performance terms.

The money you think you save by doing ‘diy’ recruitment is blown out of the water by one simple mistake.


long time to hire staff2.) Long time to hire staff.  This is a common indicator that a business needs professional advice in recruitment.

Whilst it is true that specialist roles do take longer to fill, 95% of roles can and should be filled within a couple of weeks at the most.

It’s not surprising that businesses take an age to fill staff vacancies by posting and ad in a local newspaper or on an online job board.  Professional recruitment services take into account job boards, databases, social media recruitment and internal candidates in specific niche’s, not to mention headhunting ability.

Just think of the money that your business has lost by ‘diy’ recruiting.  In many cases it can be measured in the thousands.  Professional recruitment fees can be a fraction of these costs, all done with no hassle either.


rejected application3.)Candidates reject your job offers or worse still don’t turn up to your interviews.  Whilst people will always change their minds or assess their options, your organisation needs to be represented well right from the off.

Too many businesses think hiring staff is a one way process.  Unfortunately this leads to trouble, whilst it is correct that businesses assess staff and check their suitability for a role, candidates do the same.

Your organisation needs to come across well and the hiring process managed efficiently, effectively and most importantly professionally.  It’s difficult to do this whilst running or managing your business and team all at the same time.



benchmarking4.)  Your business doesn’t benchmark employees.  How do you know you have the best candidate if you don’t have access to the talent pool?  If you hire the first person that comes your way that is remotely qualified to do the job, how do you know they are the best available?

A quantifiable example is that of a sales manager.  If you hire a sales manager who is instructed to sell your product with a target of £200k worth of business per year and your business hires a candidate who is 10% below the level of sales manager that is available to do the role, your company could be £20k per year worse off or more, and yet businesses still ‘diy recruit’


no agencies5.)  Your business has a ‘no agencies policy’  The reason that most companies who have a ‘no agencies policy’ is because they don’t want the hassle of being contacted or that they don’t see the value in professional recruitment services.  If they don’t at least talk to recruiters, how do they know what they are being offered?

They could receive the best candidate that generates more money or business savings than they have ever dreamed of!

However, each to their own, not every client is going to see the value in using professional recruiters or maybe they have had a bad experience previously and don’t want to go down the same route.

As a company we outsource many parts of our business.  We recognise that we couldn’t provide the best mobile phone service ourselves or create our own electricity amongst many other things & as such we certainly don’t put a blanket ban on dealing with a certain industry sector, especially if they can save money, time or do something more efficiently or professionally than we do. It would be bad business if we did.

Every company has an angle, a pitch, or a way of doing something you may have never heard of.  The head in the sand response of ‘don’t bother me’, ‘no agencies’ or I can do it better myself or other point blank refusal approach should concern some businesses, they really could be missing out on a more professional, faster or efficient service if only they would listen.

Here is how we think we can benefit your business regarding recruitment.

  • We work to your budget, you set the fees and the terms (within reason!)
  • No hire – no fee, no risk recruitment.
  • We have highly experienced recruiters with access to over 16 million CV’s
  • You benefit from access to job boards including Total Jobs,, fish4 & Reed to name a few of over 2000+ at our fingertips.
  • Candidate guarantees, not happy with who you have hired?  Don’t worry, we’ll replace them for free.

 We’d love to become your preferred professional recruitment partner.  If we can help you recruit the best staff for your organisation, please get in touch and we can tailor a recruitment solution to match your requirements.