How to find staff

Finding staff is something businesses can struggle with.  How do businesses know where to look? who is good? who is not?  How do businesses solve this problem?

 How To Find Staff.

Searching for staff isn’t something most companies feel comfortable doing, yet most struggle on and try to do it themselves anyway.  A business searching for it’s own staff is similar to a legal firm doing it’s own building work or an electrician doing dental work.  If you think about it logically why on earth do businesses search for their own staff?  All the hassle, not knowing where to look and not knowing the market can make it a risky business.

Recruitment Costs

The answer is cost.  Most businesses don’t want to pay for recruitment because they think they can do it themselves.  Businesses post a job ad and off they go.  The problems start rolling in usually with the first application, chancers who aren’t qualified or candidates with a sketchy CV history.

Not only is the self recruitment process littered with hazards and pitfalls, it takes the business owner time and effort to carry out this process.  Time often better spent on running their own business or department.

Whilst it’s true that cost is often the motivating factor behind the self recruitment process for businesses, it doesn’t have to be the case.  When you consider the time, effort and general lack of direction the self recruitment process often takes, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that this process often costs businesses more money & time and often with a poor result.  No suitable candidates.

How to get a better recruitment process.

We belive that you should have recruitment professionals to do business recruiting.  Similar to builders doing building work and dentists doing dental work.  A professional recruiter will advertise across 2000+ job boards to your one job ad on a general job board.  A recruiter will access over 12 million cv’s or relevant, recent job seekers which you don’t have access to.  Coupled with market place knowledge of the people who are moving jobs, a recruiter will deliver outstanding candidates compared to self recruitment.

Ok but what about the costs?

Simple, set your own.  Work out what you would like to pay to recruit your next member of staff and tell us.  If it’s reasonable we’ll do it.  We will give you a hiring guarantee, that you will hire somebody through us or don’t pay us a penny, we’ll also guarantee our candidates too.  If things don’t work out we’ll replace the candidate free of charge up to 60 days after hire.

It’s recruitment but with you in control.  Have a look at our services page for what we do on every single vacancy.  Look at our current vacancies to see who is working with us and our vacancies added in the last 30 days.  You won’t want to use anybody else for your job vacancy.