expensive recruitment

Get Rid Of Expensive Recruitment Agencies Once & For All

Traditional recruitment agencies typically charge fees based upon salary of the candidate you are trying to recruit.  Each agency and sector is different and fees can range from 8-25% of salary.  Find out how to reduce these costs here.

Expensive Recruitment Agencies

Traditional recruitment agencies can be expensive.  Paying 15% of salary for admin, customer service or other candidates of similar nature is too much, yet many recruitment agencies charge these costs and provide little in the way of service to justify the fee.

Sure, technical roles, senior roles and jobs that require a very specific skill set do command a higher fee.  The reason is that these people are usually in higher demand and more difficult to source or lever out of an existing role.

fortunately there are a number of ways you can recruit staff for less than the fees charged by traditional recruitment agencies.

You could recruit yourself using job boards, advertise in local newspapers, take recommendations on potential employees from others in your industry or utilise the universal job match service to recruit staff and avoid high recruitment costs.  All this takes time, money and hassle and has no guarantee of success.  There is another way.

Recruitment Where Clients Set The Fee!

It is possible to still use recruitment agencies without incurring high costs.  AT RSO Ltd we believe in providing high quality recruitment services where our clients set the fees and terms.  It means you can still get access to no hassle recruitment services but at a price you control.

Here are some of the features and benefits that can help you get professional recruitment services on your terms.

  • You set the fees & terms
  • Access to over 16 million candidates across all the major CV databases
  • Over 2000+ job boards at our disposal to attract quality applicants
  • Free replacement candidates should things not work out with your chosen hire
  • Social media recruitment
  • Headhunting
  • Dedicated account manager & recruiter
  • Experienced professional recruitment services in IT, sales, marketing, engineering, healthcare and many other sectors
  • Free recruitment advice