candidate guarantee

How do you guarantee candidate success?

When hiring a new employee through a recruitment agency, you want a guarantee of performance.  It’s important that the employee can do what is required and really deliver.  Here is how we guarantee everyone we place.

How do you guarantee a candidate?

Simply put, we offer a standard 60 day rebate term.  Rather than reducing our fee on a sliding scale, we guarantee to replace a candidate for free if things don’t work out within a 60 day period.  Of course as per our unique recruitment model, you are free to discuss extended rebates, shorter rebates or anything else that suits your business needs.

In order for our business to be succesful we work to ensure that 99% of the time we never have to replace a candidate & we work to ensure that we only provide well matched candidates for your job vacancy.

In the unlikely event of a candidate leaving your role within 60 days or you having the unpleasant experience of letting the new employee go, you can rest assured that the service we offer provides the necessary guarantees to replace that employee.

To minimise the risk & provide the necessary candidate guarantees we,

  • Ensure we fully understand your job description & the role you are asking us to recruit for.
  • Utilise our recruitment resources to attract high quality, well matched candidates.
  • Find the reason for the employee wanting to move from their current role & understand their skills and expertise as well as their career aspirations.
  • Utilise our knowledge and conduct telephone interviews, 1 way video interviews and other screening methods to target the ideal candidate.
  • Check a candidates past history, can they do what they say they can do?  Will they fit in to your organisation?

In this way we can feel confident in recommending a candidate for employment.  Of course the final decision is yours and we’ll always stand by our services and provide the necessary guarantees your company would expect from a high quality recruitment agency such as RSO Ltd.

Why not get in touch with us today to see how we can tailor a recruitment solution to fill your job vacancies?