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How UK Recruitment Consultants Fail Small Business

UK recruitment consultants and agencies number in their thousands and there is something fundamentally wrong with 99% of them.  How can such a high percentage get it wrong?

Uk recruitment consultants don’t deliver!

Most will provide a candidate at the end of the process, but is this enough?  What value for money is there?  What candidates are missed from the process?  Just because a candidate is supplied it doesn’t mean they are the best or even average, it’s just who has been put forward by the recruitment agency.

How can small businesses improve their hiring process?

First they need to get their heads out of the sand.  Recruitment isn’t the most exciting thing in the world but it can have a dramatic effect on how a small business operates, a direct correlation to the businesses bottom line and how well it operates.

Small businesses need to question what their recruiter is doing for them.  Look at most recruitment websites and they are awash with meaningless statement s about how good the recruiter is, but they don’t actually detail anything quantifiable.

What does a small business actually get for their money?  Recruiters need to detail, how they recruit, what methods they use and how they approach each client and show their value for money.  If a recruitment agency can’t do this or seems unwilling, it’s probably because they don’t want to show you what they do.  They probably just take an easy option, put a few candidates infront of the hiring manager and hope that’s enough.  Very little work for lots of money.

Secondly small businesses need to get involved in the hiring process, whether it’s in providing a detailed job description, creating a list of must haves or setting questions for one way video interviews or prescreening questions, it allows the recruiter to pin point what makes an organisation tick and what type of candidate matches that organisation.

Last but not least, small businesses need a recruiter that offers 100% guarantees with the candidates they supply and free replacements if things don’t work out.  But above all small business needs a recruitment consultant or agency that works with their budget, keeping them in control.

All the bad bits you’ve just read is not us.  All the good bits, including the ability to set your own prices, is us.  We are a recruitment revolution and we go further to make your recruiting a success, before, during and after the hiring process.  Contact us today on 01925 492 749