job interview tips

Job Interview Tips

This week we received an email in our office containing an infographic on job interview tips.  Have a look below

Job Interview Tips

The infographic below was sent in to us by a client with a message that stated they wished all candidates would read this before they turned up for interview.

Candidates can easily search Google for ‘job interview tips’ and there is a wealth of common sense tips that would really help at job interview time.

The tips below include ‘first impressions’ and types of questions to expect.  Research on the company who is hiring is essential and is often an obvious interview question.

Having a passion for the job you are interviewing for also helps but don’t force it if it isn’t there.  The best job interview tips often are the simplest, be yourself, answer confidently and make sure you know the client, the role and the industry.

Often a successful job interview can be down to how you get on with the interviewer.  Good luck!

Job-interview tips