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How long does it take to recruit new staff?

This isn’t so much of a difficult question but more a question of how long do you want it to take?  Some clients have set recruitment procedures, interview dates etc, others need employees more urgently.  Either way we can work to your timescales.

How long does it take to recruit new staff?

This question is asked by clients in a rush and those who are looking to plan an effective campaign.  Recruiting time depends on many factors such as client schedule, resource response and time and effort put in to the process.

In general recruitment can take as long or as short amount of time as the client wishes.  There are trade off’s with short and longer term recruitment though.  The key to effective recruitment schedules is planning and flexibility.

Short lead time recruitment.  If you are in a rush to hire or have a short recruitment schedule, it is certainly not impossible to hire quality staff quickly.

For example if you need a new receptionist within the next 5 days, it is achievable but the numbers from which you can choose that ideal candidate will be reduced.

For general jobs such as admin, sales, receptionist jobs etc, short recruitment schedules are not usually a problem.  High quality candidates are available and reduced hiring times are typical.

The issue lies where a client has a very specific requirement and/or a high degree of education, experience or a skill set which has a traditionally low talent availability.  In these cases it can be difficult to reduce hiring time

Longer term recruitment schedules.  Longer term recruitment schedules can also come with their own issues.  If a client wants to recruit for a number of roles but has a long recruitment cycle, ideal candidates who initially may be interested, can move elsewhere.

As such, a recruitment agency such as RSO Ltd would look to help develop a recruitment plan that fits the needs of the client but also manages the expectations of the candidate.

This ensures the maximum response whilst attracting as many high quality candidates as possible whilst keeping hiring time to a minimum.

We work with many UK businesses to recruit staff into all kinds of job roles.  To discuss how we can help you recruit staff effectively and reduce your hiring time please call us today.  Our advice is free.