love recruitment

Why We Love Recruitment (And You Should Too!)

We love recruitment, it’s what we do, we are passionate about it and like to think we are good at it too.  We think you should love recruitment, or at least learn to embrace it.  Here is why……

We Love Recruitment.


We work in recruitment, it would be a little strange if we didn’t love it, or at the very least like it.  Firstly recruitment allows us to speak to all kinds of people from different industries some of whom are looking to move on in their career as well as hiring managers looking for the next staff member.

Why this benefits you

Speaking to potential staff members allows you to keep ahead of industry trends and movement within your competitors organisations, becoming a Linkedin member or networking with people from your industry keeps you up to date with whats happening


Making a difference

We love recruitment because we like helping businesses.  We primarily specialise in helping small and medium-sized businesses, there is no better sense of achievement for us than placing a highly regarded candidate into an organisation so they can really make a difference.

Why this benefits you….

If you are a small or medium-sized business and need specific staff with the right qualifications to do an important job within your organisation, you need a recruiter that understands what you need and how to deliver the candidates on budget and with the guarantees you expect.  In short a good recruiter helps your business grow.


Getting paid

We’ll be honest, we make money out of recruitment, just like your business (hopefully) makes money, it’s one of the reasons why we do it.  We don’t overcharge, in fact we let our clients set their own prices & terms (within reason!)

Why this benefits you……

If we are making money, it means we are good at what we do and our services are in demand.  We’re not the only recruiter out there, that’s for sure, but setting your own budget and terms allows you to stay in control and as a small or medium-sized business, the candidates you employ through us will make a direct impact on your business.  Recruitment fees should be seen as an investment rather than a cost, especially if they are backed up by 100% guarantees as our services are.

We’d love to work with your business and become your preferred partner for recruitment services.  Why not get in touch, our advice is free.