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How much do recruitment consultants charge?

How much do recruitment consultants charge?  All recruitment consultants have varying fee levels for what they do.  It really does depend on which agency you use and the services you require.  Here you can find out exactly what you should be paying.

How much do recruitment consultants charge?

This is a question that is quite easy to answer!  Recruitment consultants tend to charge in few different ways.

Fixed Fee Recruitment Fees

For permanent job vacancies, a recruitment consultant may charge a set fee for placing an employee in your organisation.  This will almost certainly be agreed in advance.

A typical fee may be £1000, £1500, £2000 or other fixed amount depending on the role, experience, availability of suitable candidates etc.

Percentage Of Salary Recruitment Fees

A recruitment consultant may charge a % of salary as a fee to clients for placing a permanent employee in a job vacancy.  Again this % will vary from agency to agency and also vary depending on the role, experience and requirements of the clients job spec.

Typical fees may fall in line with the structure as below.

  • Receptionist 10-15%
  • Admin 10-15%
  • Sales 10-15%
  • It developer 12-17%
  • Director level appointment 20% +

This list is a guide only and fees can vary wildly between agencies, industry sectors and seniority of appointments.

The traditional ways of charging for recruitment consultancy fees are fairly typical and don’t really take into account the clients budget or what services the client requires.


Some recruiters also work on retainers, fixed amounts agreed per year or per month for a set number of hours services or roles worked on.

This is much less used than fixed fee or % of salary pricing models.

Additional Recruitment Fees

Be aware that some services can cost you extra, some recruiters charge for adverts or charge for work done even if the client does not hire a candidate.

Sometimes fees can be included for interview time with candidates, reference checks or other services provided.

Another Way?

At RSO Ltd we are different, we work to your budget and can either provide a fixed fee or % of salary approach.  Crucially we let you set your own fees and terms and work within your budget.

This is ideal for businesses who need a recruitment service that works for them and those who want to remain in control of their recruitment budget without compromising on service levels.

Our services include

  • CV database searching
  • Social media recruitment including LinkedIn
  • Job board advertising with over 2000 at our fingertips
  • Passive candidate searches
  • Dedicated recruiters
  • Free candidate replacements
  • No hire-No fee
  • 60 day rebates
  • Excellent payment periods
  • We guarantee to lower your recruitment costs

We offer a tailored approach to recruitment and can set a service level to match your expectations.  Why not get in touch today.  Our advice is free.

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