How does my recruiter attract candidates for my job vacancy?

Our recruiters attract candidates in many ways.  Using our experience, knowledge, tools and resources here is how we attract the best available candidates for your job vacancy.

How do recruitment agencies attract candidates?

This is obviously a very good question and many of our clients ask this.  There is nothing ‘cloak and dagger’ about attracting top quality candidates and unlike most recruitment agencies we’ll answer this question honestly.

It may be worth reading our article recruitment resources for an in-depth review of our resources, but a simplified list is as follows

Here are the most common recruitment methods we use to attract top quality candidates

1.) Internal CV database.  We have a list of candidates across various sectors and industries that have registered with us and are actively looking for their next career opportunity.

2.) External CV Databases.  Using Total, Reed, CV-Library and other external CV databases we can search through over 16 million candidates across all sectors and industries.

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3.) Job boards.  We can attract qualified interested applicants through premium job boards.  We have over 2000+ in our network that we can call upon if required.

4.) Social media.  An increasing number of candidates are job hunting through social media, people refer job links to friends they think are interested.  Potential candidates also follow job boards and recruiters to keep ahead of job listings.

5.) Linkedin.  Technically social media, but LinkedIn deserves a mention of its own for the reason that it is a professional network that recruiters use to target passive & actively job seeking candidates.

6.) Referrals.  referrals can come from people we have placed previously or candidates who know somebody who is looking for a new career or change of role.

7.) Headhunting.  Our recruiters have industry knowledge across sales, IT, engineering, healthcare and finance industries.  As such our recruitment consultants have the necessary connections as well as knowing where to look to attract the best candidates.

8.) Open days.  Open days are an excellent way to attract high quality potential candidates.  Usually these can be held at the recruiter headquarters or at the clients address.  This method of recruiting usually attracts candidates missed through other recruitment methods.

9.) Training providers/organisations.  If a client has a specific education or regulatory body requirement, specific job ads email shots can be used in conjunction with a trade body that holds the recognised qualification/registration.

10.) Hardwork & Networking.  Access to the above resources isn’t cheap and for a one-off, a recruiting company will probably not utilise all resources.  At RSO Ltd we utilise as many resources as necessary, in conjunction with our hard work and networking to fill your job vacancy.

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