Small business recruitment

What recruitment agency is best for small business?

If you are looking for a small business recruitment agency, you may have never used a recruiter or recruitment agency before.  If you are thinking about using a recruitment agency for your business read our post on what makes a good one and which is best for your business.

The best type of small business recruitment agency.

There are a large number and type of recruitment agencies in the UK, it’s a huge industry.  If you are looking to employ the services of a recruitment agency, where do you turn and what do you look out for?

Large recruiters – Recruitment agencies such as Hays or Michael Page have a huge market share, numerous offices and departments that cover all types of industry sectors and job vacancies throughout the UK.

The issue is that with the large offices, staff levels and marketing budgets, they definitely won’t be the lowest cost or most flexible recruiters to choose from and they are unlikely to provide the best service for a small business

If you are a small business it is unlikely you will want to sign a contract with a recruiter for multiple job vacancies or tie ins for several years, in fact it may be you only need help with one job vacancy, so it’s unlikely you will get the best deal in terms of service, priority and cost.  You need a specialist small business recruitment agency.

Fixed fee recruiters – Fixed fee recruiters can be a good example of a cheap recruitment solution.  Be aware that some of the recruitment agencies that fall under the fixed fee banner do no more than post your job vacancy on several job boards and send through every application that come their way.

If you are looking for a recruitment agency, this isn’t probably the best solution for you and your business with no guarantees you will hire or replacement candidates if things go wrong.

Small business recruitment – The best recruitment agencies for small business are those that are flexible to your needs.  A small business recruitment agency must be able to understand your small business and provide tailored support and services to match your needs.

For example you may want to handle job adverts yourself and look for the recruitment agency to handle the database searching or social media candidate searching, you may need pre-screening questions asked of every candidate and all handled by the recruiter, video interviews or even flexible rebate periods or payment terms.

At RSO Ltd we offer completely flexible small business recruitment solutions that are best for businesses like yours.  We are flexible with our terms, our services and we even work to your budget allowing you to set the fees or price you are happy to pay.

Some of the services we offer include

  • Over 2000 job boards within our network
  • CV database searching
  • Social media outreach campaigns
  • LinkedIn candidate hunting
  • Passive candidate targeting
  • Rebate schemes that fits your company requirements
  • Free replacement candidates
  • No Hire – No fee
  • Dedicated recruitment consultant for your job vacancy
  • Resource team to filter and manage your candidates
  • Flexible tailored solution for your vacancy allowing you to choose exactly the recruitment services your small business needs
  • You set the fees and terms.

Why not call us today, our advice is free.