recruitment evolution

Recruitment Has Changed, Are You Keeping Up?

Recruitment used to be about people skills and your relationship with the candidate, there never used to be online job board adverts or social media recruiting.  It was a simple case of networking to get the person you wanted into the role you needed filled.  So what’s changed?

Evolution Of Recruitment.

Some things haven’t changed, networking, people skills and communicating with top candidates is still critical to recruitment success.  An employer communicates their need for staff and somebody fills the vacancy, whether it is directly through word of mouth, internal promotion, external job ads or recruitment consultants.

It’s the recruitment tools that have moved the industry on.  There are now applicant tracking systems, CV databases, specialist job boards and social media recruitment. For a small or medium-sized business, how do you know what to use or what not to use?  What is a good investment of time and money and what isn’t?

There are probably millions of recruitment websites, tools, apps, job boards and other recruiting services all claiming to be the saviour for your company.  It’s impossible for a non-recruiting business to effectively cut through the noise to what works and who can deliver on their promises.

The Recruitment Solution.

It’s important to be honest, we aren’t the only recruitment service that delivers.  The UK recruitment industry is worth many hundreds millions and we sure don’t control all of it or even the majority of it or even 1% of it, the industry is huge!

What separates RSO Ltd from other agencies is the cost & the service.  We work with businesses of all sizes in the UK and can offer you a personalised approach with benefits for your company that no other recruiter can match.

The benefits to you include

  • No hire – No fee recruitment.
  • Major recruitment services under one umbrella.
  • Fully managed services.
  • Recruitment services that work
  • 100% hiring guarantees.
  • Free candidate replacements.
  • & best of all, a price that is controlled by you.

Our recruitment services place you, the decision maker back in control.  We believe it’s the future of hiring and the start of a new phase in recruitment based on trust, openness & service.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to give you some free advice.