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Recruitment News – August

This is the first of our monthly recruitment news features.  Our August edition details what our organisation was created for and what we are currently working on.RSO Ltd was set up to plug a gap in the market for a recruitment consultancy that acted in a transparent manner and truly put the client first rather.  Here’s is how we did it.

  1. First we thought it would be a great idea to let clients set their own prices.  The number of times we heard that recruitment consultants were expensive or that they were out of the reach of small businesses, so we thought we’d put a stop to overcharging and work to our customers budgets.  We really do let our clients set their own prices.
  2. We couldn’t cut our services just because our clients wanted to pay less so we still offer 60 day rebates, full job board advertising and headhunting services all within the clients budgets and with service levels to rival the large recruitment agencies.
  3. Our modern recruiting business needed modern recruiting techniques so we introduced social recruiting & applicant tracking systems to allow us to recruit the best talent, no matter where they were and keep track of every single candidate.  We even allow our clients to get involved in the candidate selection process early on with the use of one way video interviews.
  4. No Hire = No Fee.  Our methodology regarding payment is simple.  We don’t charge a penny for our services unless you hire a new member of staff.  Our no risk approach to recruiting means the client is in control and stays there, right the way through the recruiting process.
  5. Dedicated account managers and a fully managed service all the way.  We like to keep in touch with our clients and our account managers provide regular updates as to the progress of every vacancy we are recruiting for.

These 5 points determine how we deal with every client.  Every time.  Since our launch in the early summer of 2013 we currently have over £40k of active vacancies on our books, from nursing opportunities in care homes to design engineer jobs in Glasgow.

If you have a vacancy that you would like our help with why not email and let us know what you need.  We’ll get right back in touch with you.