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Recruitment Resources Explained

If your business is recruiting, what recruitment resources do you need?  Where do you put your money to get the best return & most importantly hire the right candidate for the job?  We’ll try to explain some of the most popular recruitment resources utilised by professional recruiters to help in your search for talent.

1.) Job Board Recruitment Resources

There are thousands of job boards, so which do you use?  Job boards such as Reed, Total & Monster have massive reach.

Huge quantities of applicants utilise these job boards daily to search for new roles.  You may think by advertising a job on one of these job boards will bring you the people you are looking for and for some job roles, a job board is all you may need.

For example you will receive hundreds of applications for retail or receptionist positions by advertising on a job board, not all of them will match your needs!


The more specific you get, the more skills you require, the number of applicants drops down dramatically.  For moderate or more highly skilled workers you may not get even a single applicant.

Job boards charge up front and you may end up with nothing to show at the end.  The other downside is that you are only reaching a fraction of people who are interested in your role and they may not even be qualified.

You may be missing out on passive job seekers and people who would be interested in your job vacancy if they knew about it, candidates such as those working for your competitors etc.

2.) CV Database Searching

Recruitment services

A highly effective recruitment resource which cuts out all the speculative CV’s and applications but can be limited by skill set and numbers of candidates.

Similar to placing a job ad, there are only a set number and type of candidates and CV database searching is limited to job seekers or those who have proactively asked to be contacted by a particular job board.

CV database searching is expensive and if using more than one job board you could easily reach a total bill in the thousands just for this service alone.

3.) Social Media Recruiting.

Recruit Online

Many people think social media recruiting is posting an update on Twitter, Facebook & other social media sites.  This is only a very small part of it.

Searching profiles and users to try to match candidates to job vacancies is an extremely labour intensive task, even with various tools and services designed to speed up the process.

Social recruiting is fast growing and the advantages are that if you know where to look and more importantly how to look, you can unearth superb candidates that are nowhere near a job board or CV database.

Social recruiting can involve placing job ad’s on sites such as LinkedIn and therefore should be used as part of a wider recruiting strategy including more than one recruitment resource.

recruitment24.) Headhunting

Pulling candidates out of high performing roles and into your job vacancy is not always easy.  First, the candidate must be researched thoroughly to ensure they are a good fit for the job vacancy and secondly they must be willing to at least talk to your company about the role.

This requires tact, diplomacy and negotiating skills from the head hunter in order for this to work.  This recruitment method requires in-depth industry knowledge and a skilled recruiter.  This works well for more skilled roles or roles where a client would like to poach candidates from a competitor.



5.) Free RecruitmentFree recruitment

Just like any other service or product, you only get what you pay for.  If you expect to recruit high quality candidates without putting in effort, time, skill or money or at least  a combination of 2 or 3 of these factors then you are in for a shock.

We don’t know of any free job board/recruitment service that is really ‘free’ and provides the best quality candidates.  If you find one, please let us know and we’ll use it internally!

Unfortunately recruitment takes effort, time, skill, resources, knowledge, experience and a whole host of human factors that have to be paid for.

Your business is important and it deserves high quality staff.  Fortunately we do provide a holistic approach to recruitment and can provide a fully integrated approach that includes all the above recruitment resources to find your perfect candidate.  Call us today and we can discuss how we can help in your search for staff.