recruitment terms checklist

Recruitment Services Checklist

In the market for recruitment services, speaking to recruitment agencies or recruitment consultancies about hiring permanent staff members?  Here is what you need to know.

Recruitment Services Checklist

If you are considering using the services of a recruitment consultants, recruitment agency or employment agency here is what you should ensure before you sign up.

No upfront costs.  Only pay once you are satisfied, don’t pay upfront for recruitment services.

Free candidate replacements.  Does your recruiter offer free candidate replacements?  Rebates only protect so much of your money, free candidate replacements guarantee the services you are paying for.  At the end of the day you should want your vacancy filled no matter what happens, not just some of your money back.  That doesn’t fix your problem!

Advanced recruitment methods.  Simply conducting a quick database search or placing one job ad does not constitute recruitment.  You could do this yourself.  A good recruitment consultant should add value not be a cost burden. Ensure you are getting the full service, ads, database, social media, headhunting etc.  Read here for more info on recruitment resources.

Prices to suit your budget.  We allow our clients to set their own fees, does your recruiter want to charge over the odds for their service?  If so, consider changing recruiter.  You need to be in control of your recruitment costs.  Don’t let them spiral out of control.

Recruitment Terms.  If you have never used a recruitment agency before and are concerned you could end up with a bill at the end even with no employee then take a minute to think.  We allow you to set your own terms and always work on a no hire – no fee basis.

Dedicated account management.  No matter how small or large your recruitment needs, you should have 1 account manager that looks after your services.  This way you get high quality service levels and somebody you can build a relationship with maximising your chances of success.

Service level unique to you.  Do you want 60 day rebates instead of 30? Maybe 30 day payment terms or free candidate replacements.  Maybe you need psychometric testing or prescreening for your candidates or a recruitment open day arranging?  We can help with all of this.  We provide a tailored recruitment solution to suit your business needs, not the other way round.

We hope this recruitment services checklist helps narrow down your search for a good recruitment agency.  Of course we provide a tailored service level to match your expectations, why not get in touch today.