recruitment tips

Why recruitment shouldn’t send you running for cover

Recruitment should be a service that can easily be outsourced with predictable high quality results.  Take on board our recruitment tips and it should run efficiently and predictably.

Tip 1.)  Start with a brief or job spec.

Fairly straightforward, but you would be surprised at how many businesses haven’t set an application deadline, candidate start date or budget for their recruitment.  Remember keep the job spec simple and to the point.  Aim to entice and intrigue and pull applications in.

Tip 2.) Choose your recruitment resources wisely.

Plan out how you are going to recruit.  Is it job boards or recruitment consultants?  Newspaper ads or social media recruitment?  What happens if you don’t get any candidates?  What is your plan B.  Get in control and stay in control.

Tip 3.) Do what you say you are going to do, when you are going to do it.

Lets be honest, nobody likes being messed around.  Candidates don’t take kindly to having interviews cancelled or changes around, they don’t like the job spec changing or vague recruitment processes.  Businesses need to be aware recruitment is a two-way street.  If your recruitment process is vague, interview dates or application dates change, then candidates don’t think you are serious or well run company.  Guess what, they go elsewhere.  The amount of top talent that slips away from businesses who mess candidates around is massive.  Don’t be one of those companies.

Tip 4.)  Speed is essential.  Review and act quickly.

Act fast.  If you like a candidate, get them in.  Don’t wait until you have another 5 candidates or ‘just let the ads run another week’  Chances are if you like a candidates CV, someone else will too.

Tip 5.) Pay the going rate.

Don’t try to recruit talent and not pay what the candidate is worth.  This will cost you money in the long run.  Candidates know what they are worth.  If you don’t pay the right salary then your competitors will.  You will be at risk of losing a candidate after a few months of employment and be back to square one.

Tip 6.) Don’t just rely on references.

A candidate is NEVER going to provide a reference that they know could come back less than sparkling.  As a business you need to dig deeper.  For example, if you are recruiting a sales exec, ask to see KPI’s and bonus payments relating to their actual results detailed on their CV.  Do you know a customer in their field that they have worked with in the past?  Contact them and get some unofficial feedback.

Tip 7.) Induction process.

Once your chosen hire has accepted a job offer, make sure their first weeks or month is planned out for them.  make sure they feel part of the team and that the job description matches exactly what they are going to do.  Arrange training and make sure this happens exactly to schedule.  Don’t give your candidate a chance to sink in the early stages.  This is when they need support the most.

Good luck in your recruitment drive.  Remember if we can be any help at all, please give us a call.  Our advice is free and we even let you set your own fees and terms.