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Recruitment Tools For Small Business

If your business is expanding, hiring staff or simply replacing a staff member who is leaving, you may be considering recruiting yourself.  Here we provide a guide to recruitment tools and resources you may wish to consider.

Candidate Attraction Recruitment Tools.

Here are some useful tools to attract top quality candidates.

Job boards.  (paid)

Recruitment services

Reed, Total, Cv-library etc are just a couple of high profile major job boards you can use to place your job advert.  Cost varies but for a one off ad, it can range from £100-350 depending on requirements.

Advantages – High profile, lots of site visitors, major players in job board advertising.

Disadvantages –  Can attract unsuitable candidates, the more specific your role, the less likely to receive quality applicants.  There are no hiring guarantees and the service is limited to candidates who ‘see’ and apply to your ad.

Job Boards (Free)

Wisestep, indeed, UKstaffsearch are free job boards allow businesses to post job vacancies for free.  They are not as well-known asFree recruitment the major paid job boards & users need to bear in mind response and candidate quality probably won’t be as good.

Advantages – No cost to post job vacancies, can unearth a candidate that can’t be found elsewhere.  Suitable for businesses recruiting on a budget.

Disadvantages – Can provide a poor response in terms of candidate numbers and quality.  Free isn’t always free, ukstaffsearch allows free posting, but you then need to pay for each CV you want to see contact details for.

cv database searchingCV database recruitment tools

The major job boards including Fish4  usually offer CV database searching on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  The cost can vary from £100’s for single day access upwards for a month’s access, although package deals are usually available.

The database recruitment tools work by allowing you to search for specific keywords against candidate profiles.

Advantages –  Allows businesses to search for highly matched candidates and can be one of the most effective recruitment tools for hiring staff.

Disadvantages – Can be expensive for one day access, especially if you can’t find a candidate you are looking for.  Costs could quickly mount up.

Social Media Recruitment

Social media icons

Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook all have huge numbers of users, knowing where to start can be tricky.

LinkedIn is a popular social media network amongst recruiters.  You can perform custom searches for candidates that may be suitable for your job vacancy.

Advantages – Huge reach, massive potential and searching Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook is free.

Disadvantages – It costs Inmail credits to contact users on LinkedIn, not everyone on social media sites is looking or willing to move jobs, so it can be very time-consuming to recruit this way for the inexperienced.

word of mouthWord Of Mouth

Not a recruitment tool per se, but a recruitment method.  Your business will hopefully have lots of industry knowledge and perhaps your existing employees can recommend staff.

You may know a potential candidate who has just left a competitor or is unhappy in their current role & contact them direct.

Advantages – Industry specific networking groups allow you to communicate with industry experts.  Recommendations and referrals are free.

Disadvantages – You are trusting existing employees to recommend people, this can work brilliantly or back fire spectacularly.

Applicant Tracking Recruitment Tools.

ATS or applicant tracking systems

Systems can be provided by Bullhorn, recruiterbox or a number of other providers.  If you are recruiting regularly, for a large project or are pulling candidates from multiple sources, you need an applicant tracking system that allows you to monitor and track every candidate for every role.

Advantages – Allows you to track every candidate, many systems allow message templates to be sent to accept or rejectApplicant tracking systems candidates.  Keeps track of the source of the candidate, i.e job board, database search etc.  One of the most highly used recruitment tools by professional recruiters.

Disadvantages – Costly, especially for one off or small recruitment projects.  Free ATS systems are available but they are usually free for a reason.

MultiPosting Tools

Recruit Staff Online LogoFor the cost of one job advert with a major job board, you can advertise across many job boards using a multi posting job board website such as our partner Recruit Staff Online, which recruits at a fixed fee.

If you want to just pay for the posting tool and negotiate with the job boards yourself then try idibu or logicmelon

Advantages – Much better reach than advertising on a single job board, cost effective, generates a large response.

Disadvantages – No candidate guarantees or rebates.  Payment upfront, usually excludes headhunting & database searching.

Video Interviewing

One way video interviews are a great way of pre-screening candidates before your face to face interview.  Companies such as Video interviewInterview Stream allow prerecorded one way video interviews where candidates respond to pre set questions & you can review at your leisure.

Advantages – Saves travel time, expenses and allows you to see your potential candidate respond to questions and create a more defined shortlist for face to face interviews.

Disadvantages – Not the same as face to face, can be costly for multiple roles/candidates.  This needs to be taken into account against cost/time savings of reducing the number of face to face interviews you would need to carry out.


mobile-appsThere are thousands of apps being developed in addition to existing apps such as Snapchat, which was recently used by one company allowing candidates a very short time to make an impression or Hirevue where you can set interview questions from your mobile.

The major recruitment boards have apps that allow job seekers to apply for jobs directly from their mobiles too.

Advantages – Productivity benefits, larger candidate reach.  Can provide solutions to compliment existing recruitment tools/methods.

Disadvantages – Unless you know where to look, you can waste time for the sake of being technologically up to date.  Maybe a bit gimmicky.

Recruitment Companies As A Recruitment Tool

Recruitment companies are varied, some specialise in a particular industry such as engineering or healthcare, others are large recruitment agencyrecruiters who can look after all kinds of vacancies, such as Hays.  Recruiters provide a no hassle approach to recruitment.  They take your job vacancy enhance it and use most of the recruitment tools as described above to generate applicants.

Advantages – No hassle, easiest approach to recruitment with industry professionals finding quality candidates

Disadvantages – Can be costly depending on who you use.

RSO Ltd Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agency

RSO Ltd is  a recruitment agency that utilises all of the above recruitment tools in order to generate high levels of interest from quality candidates.  The main difference is that we offer a flexible tailored approach.  We allow clients to set their own fees and terms!



Benefits of using RSO Ltd

  • No Hire – No Fee.
  • Flexible rebate terms.
  • Tailored recruitment solution completely flexible around your business needs.
  • You set the fees and terms.  We work to your budget.
  • Free candidate replacements should things not work out with your chosen hire.
  • Dedicated account manager and recruitment consultant.
  • Unlimited advice and support.
  • Fully managed service including interview arrangement and candidate negotiation.