reduce recruitment costs

How to reduce your recruitment costs

There are a number of ways to recruit staff, some expensive, some really cost-effective.  In order to reduce your recruitment costs, you first need to know what you are spending and on what services or products.

Reduce recruitment costs.

Once you know what your recruitment costs are, you can work to reduce them.  By far the most expensive recruitment costs are external agencies but they are by far the most effective.

If you have read our previous post on recruitment tools that can help your business find staff, you will have some idea of the recruitment methods and techniques available for your business that will help reduce your recruitment costs.

It is an easy thing to say that if you use recruitment agencies, simply bring your recruitment in-house or use job boards or whatever cheaper alternative is available to bring costs down.

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t take into account the potential drop in service level or applicant quality level you may experience in reducing your recruitment budget.

reduce recruitment costsFor example if you use a recruitment agency and need to hire 10 staff a year, using job boards or cheaper alternative recruitment tools to recruitment consultants may not reduce your recruitment spend.

What if, by using job boards instead of recruitment consultants, you only managed to recruit 6 staff instead of 10.

How would this affect your business?

You may not be able to fulfill sales orders, deliveries or have a reduced customer service level if you don’t hire the staff you need.  You may spend more time interviewing, writing job adverts or arranging interviews.  All these activities have a cost.

Key areas to reduce your recruitment costs.

The key to reducing recruitment costs is to lower the cost whilst keeping a comparable service level.  Anything else could be a false economy that actually increases cost to your business and reduces your profitability.

In many of our blog posts you will be able to read about having a recruitment plan and making sure you stick to it!  This is by far the most effective way to keep on top of your recruitment costs.

There is nothing worse than having to start a recruitment project over again because you couldn’t find the time to screen candidates or you didn’t get the response you were hoping for from job adverts.

Recruit with a recruitment agency that really delivers.

If you currently use recruiters, analyse your recruitment costs and find the same or higher service level at a reduced price.

At RSO Ltd we guarantee we can increase your service levels, reduce your recruitment hassle & most definitely reduce your recruitment costs.recruitment service  Sometimes by up to 50%.

We know we can do this because we let you set your own recruitment fees!  Yes, we provide the same services listed below as the major recruitment companies such as Hays, Michael Page, and many other national UK recruitment companies.

We work to your budget and have a no risk, no hire-no fee policy with no upfront costs.  To slash your recruitment costs, contact us today.

Services available (all included with every job vacancy)

  • Dedicated industry specific recruitment consultants
  • No hire-no fee, no risk recruitment
  • No upfront costs
  • Access to over 16 million CV’s
  • Over 2000 job boards available to pull in quality candidates
  • Social media recruitment
  • Headhunting and passive candidate searching
  • Free replacement candidates
  • Rebate periods to suit your business needs
  • One way video interviews
  • Full candidate screening
  • Full interview scheduling
  • Free advice

Contact us today and we guarantee to reduce your recruitment costs.