Hire sales staff

See How Easily You Can Hire Sales Staff

If you can’t seem to find the right sales staff for your company, here are a few tips that can help smooth out the process and help you hire sales staff more easily.

Hire Sales Staff

If your business is looking to hire sales staff and you have placed more job board adverts you care to think about, maybe you have tried a recruiter and still got no joy, then maybe consider some of our tips to help you recruit sales staff that are a perfect match.

What is your company selling?

Is your product or business in a declining market?  Are sales staff leaving your industry to a join a fast growing (and lucrative) new sector in your location?  What are you offering candidates?  Are you paying the market rate or below?

These questions need to be honestly answered as they affect how you hire sales staff.  If your industry is in a decline maybe sales staff don’t want to work in the industry for fear of being made redundant in the future.

If you find that you aren’t paying the market rate, you won’t get the best talent with sales staff being hired elsewhere.

Break your analysis down by sector

  • Internal organisational questions.  What is the industry sector market direction (increase or decrease?) What is the salary offered for the role? What is your business reputation in the area?
  • The role itself.  Are you asking too much, too many hours, too little salary or benefits such as holidays or healthcare not matching the competition?  Benchmark your competitors and adjust if necessary.
  • The targets.  Every sales role has targets, are they achievable?  Do they offer a challenge to candidates or put them off due to being unrealistic?
  • Selection process.  A psychometric assessment, a video interview then followed by a telephone interview and 2 face to face interviews could be making candidates scared.  Match the selection process to the role.  Junior roles tend to need less stages.

Upskill & Recruit Up.  Hire sales staff internally.

If you have analysed all angles and still draw a blank, why not assess your own internal candidates?  Not only do they know your industry, but they know your business better than external candidates.

Identify your top contenders and make them a sales star of the future by discussing an internal promotion or change of department that allows them to learn new skills.

Make the arrangement one where there is little risk.  If things don’t go as planned for the business or candidate, offer to return the candidate to their original role.

Set targets and milestones and implement a training plan that allows the internal candidate to progress at a pace that recognises achievement and builds confidence.

Be Patient.

Sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Recruiting sales staff isn’t an exact science, it happens to us as a recruitment agency, where occasionally the right candidate just isn’t there no matter how hard you look.

Being patient pays dividends, sometimes waiting a month or two or even longer unearths an absolute gem, so don’t give up!

Sales recruitment experience

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