staff recruitment

Staff Recruitment

Staff recruitment is big business in the UK.  Lots of recruitment agents & lots of choice when it comes to selecting the right employee.  No matter where in the UK you are recruiting, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Staff Recruitment Across The UK

No matter where in the UK , if you are hiring staff there are a few golden rules to follow to ensure you get the best staff to fill your job vacancy.

  1. Set a budget and stick to it.  Don’t spend over the odds on recruitment.  The heavy hitting recruitment agencies with offices worldwide come with a high price tag.
  2. Don’t advertise your staff recruitment in a local newspaper, it’s old fashioned, slow and expensive for what it is.  Online job boards will give a better response for the same or less money.
  3. Utilise the experience of professionals or take on board professional advice at the very least, it could save you thousands in the long run.
  4. Have a definite job description and salary in mind but be prepared to have a salary band or some points in the job description you are prepared to be flexible on.  It will help recruit applications that you may consider suitable at different salary points for the role.
  5. Use staff recruitment services that have 100% guarantees and free replacement guarantees if things don’t work out with your new employee.  This way you know you won’t be left with a big bill at the end with a new employee who hasn’t worked out.
  6. Always have a no hire = no fee agreement.  Protect yourself and your staff recruitment budget.
  7. Work with a company that utilises up to date staff recruitment techniques such as online job board advertising, cv database searching and applicant tracking processes that speed up the hiring process.

At RSO Ltd we provide services that meet all the points above.  We even let our clients set the prices, we recruit staff across all industries and can help you with your staff recruitment today.  Why not call us on 01925 492749