reduce recruitment costs

How to reduce your recruitment costs

There are a number of ways to recruit staff, some expensive, some really cost-effective.  In order to reduce your recruitment costs, you first need to know what you are spending and on what services or products.

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expensive recruitment

Get Rid Of Expensive Recruitment Agencies Once & For All

Traditional recruitment agencies typically charge fees based upon salary of the candidate you are trying to recruit.  Each agency and sector is different and fees can range from 8-25% of salary.  Find out how to reduce these costs here.

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recruitment fees

How much do recruitment consultants charge?

How much do recruitment consultants charge?  All recruitment consultants have varying fee levels for what they do.  It really does depend on which agency you use and the services you require.  Here you can find out exactly what you should be paying.

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How to find staff

Finding staff is something businesses can struggle with.  How do businesses know where to look? who is good? who is not?  How do businesses solve this problem?

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