How will the World Cup affect recruitment?

There is no doubt the World Cup is a huge event, will it really impact recruitment, or the way recruiters work?

World Cup & Recruiting Candidates

The World Cup is big business, with huge audiences.  recruitment seems a million miles away from a multinational sporting tournament.  But recruitment will be affected.

Maybe Reed, Total or CV-library will be able to confirm this, but it’s possible the numbers of candidates applying for jobs is going to drop off.  With lots of candidates spare time spent watching matches, it seems a drop off in online job applications will be inevitable, but maybe this isn’t going to be the case.  With football gracing the TV screens across the county, maybe the people who really don’t like the national game will be seen running to their pc’s, laptops or tablets in order to escape the 90 minutes that appears on their TV.

Contacting candidates is definitely going to be impacted.  Trying to call candidates to discuss job opportunities is definitely going to have ‘best’ and ‘best avoided’ time schedules.  Will any recruiter call a candidate during one of England’s games?  Surely most candidates won’t even pick up during this time.

World Cup & Recruiting Staff

Most businesses won’t see much difference during the world cup unless potential candidates really do drop off during the tournament.  Unless businesses hold assessment days, interviews or other recruitment events during England’s matches, then clients aren’t really going to be affected.  Certainly some businesses like football merchandisers, satellite or cable tv providers are going to have an increase in demand, so may need extra staff to cover the peak.  The increase certainly seems aimed at the temp recruitment market rather than permanent.

Impact Or Not?

It would be good to see some figures from those with big budgets who have thoroughly researched the impact on the recruitment market that large sporting tournaments have.  It appears there will be some impact, probably in the temp recruitment market and for specific industries but permanent recruitment in the UK may not be influenced by the World cup on the other side of the world.